Guided hiking tour

Guided hiking tour: Photo
from 8 500 amd

Explore the surrounding areas of the hotel by participating in one of our guided hiking tours. There are five trail options with different levels of difficulty, length and duration. The hotel will provide transportation from the finish point back to the hotel.

Difficulty level: easy

Booking: 1 day in advance

Participants: up to 10 persons


  • 1 person - 17 000 AMD
  • 2-3 persons - 8 500 AMD
  • 4-6 persons - 45000 AMD
  • 7-10 persons - 4 000 AMD

Children 7 years and younger can participate free of charge and must be accompanied by a parent.

* Prices don’t include the pick up option. Depending on the group’s size the pick up will cost 3.000 – 5.000 (AMD) per person.

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